Higher Education: Globalized

Countries such as China, India, and South Korea have been sending an ever increasing number of students to America as international students to study in undergraduate and graduate universities. Asian international students compose more than 10% of enrollments at institutions of higher education in the US. Students in foreign countries such as those listed above compete with each other to get in better institutions in the United States instead of applying for universities back at home. The idea that the West is the land of opportunities has been deeply engrained in the minds of millions of students across the globe. Thus, these international students receive excellent GPA’s in school and are heavily involved in extra curricular activities in order to stand out from the thousands of mainland USA applicants.

After graduating from an undergraduate program at an Ivy League school in the US, one can say it is definitely easier to get a higher paying, more prestigious job when students return back to their home countries. Because the names of these Ivy Leagues are heavily associated with smart, extraordinary, and admirable connotations, students are more likely to be even more respected by their peers than those who graduated in universities in their home countries.

Globalization has definitely impacted pop cultural and political/economic factors throughout the world, and education is no exception. Getting educated abroad is considered a privilege and has been proven to be extremely advantageous to the student in their future careers.


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